Finding Your Ground

Sunday, June 4th (4-6 pm) 

An afternoon workshop exploring simple, practical and profound techniques to ground and connect with EARTH. Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom. No special requirements, all are welcome, appropriate for special conditions. Please call to pre-register since space is limited.

WHERE: Shakti Sharanam, Crestone, CO
PRICE: Sliding scale $27-54
RSVP: Call Annie to reserve your spot (719) 256-5668

Grumpy Old Men

Especially for old and/or stiff guys who think they can't do yoga.
No experience preferred. No bendy women allowed.

PRICE: 5-week sessions $60
WHEN: June 8 - July 6. Thursday mornings (9 am)
WHERE: Shakti Sharanam, Crestone, CO
RSVP: Contact Annie to reserve your spot. Call (719) 256-5668

Little Old Ladies

Gentle class, especially for women who think they can’t do yoga.
No experience preferred. No men allowed.

PRICE: 5-week sessions $60
WHEN: July 13 - Aug 10. Thursday mornings (9 am)
WHERE: Shakti Sharanam, Crestone, CO
RSVP: Contact Annie to reserve your spot. Call (719) 256-5668

Living in Crestone and studying with Annie for a whole month, was definitely a life-changing experience. I love the way she can transmit with example and through personal experience the real practice and what yoga really means. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to study with Annie and call her my teacher!
— CZ, Puebla, Mexico

The way Annie’s love and devotion flow in her every action has left me full of both inspiration and contentment, after only one weekend! I look forward to the opportunity to make the pilgrimage to Crestone!
— VH, San Francisco, CA

When I received the invitation to visit friends in Crestone this summer, I was thrilled to discover Shakti Sharanam and have the opportunity to practice Ashtanga there with Annie Pace. I had been practicing Ashtanga for a few years, but not yet had had the opportunity to practice with someone so skilled and knowledgeable as Annie. She truly transmits what she has received from her Master and my time with her has helped me to take my own practice to a whole new level, for which I am incredibly grateful. She also offered invaluable guidance to me when she offered me a suggestion to shift how I was doing a simple posture that had been causing me pain in my neck and shoulders and increasingly becoming a chronic problem. Since spending time with Annie and following her recommendations, I haven’t had the neck and shoulder pain, and am able to access my body’s strength in a new way. My time in Crestone doing yoga with Annie was beneficial in so many ways; I look forward to being able to visit again! In gratitude.
— LW, Kona, Hawaii