• These classes and retreats are all held at Shakti Sharanam in Crestone, CO.
  • For out-of-town events, please check the Upcoming Events page. 
  • To register for upcoming Events & Specialty Classes, call +1 (719) 256-5668


Monday                      5 - 7 pm • Open for self-practice

Tuesday                     5 pm • Mysore

Wednesday               8:30 am • Fundamentals and Refinements
                                   5 pm • Guided Primary Series

Thursday                   5 pm • Mysore

Friday - Sunday        The Shala is reserved for Private Instruction
                                   and Group Retreats  

Community classes are offered by donation (suggested: $15-25 / drop-in class) 

* The Shala is closed from January 8 through March 14 while Annie is in India *

Monthly Study

One month program includes 4 weeks of community classes, 2 private sessions with Annie, occasional meals, ashram ceremonies, and random recreational activities. Cost is $600 and a 50% deposit is required to reserve space. 

Weekly Study

The weekly program includes all community classes, 1 private session with Annie, ashram ceremonies, 1-2 meals, open practice time at the Shala, and random local activities. Cost is $250 and a 50% deposit is required to reserve space. 

Private Instruction

One-on-one sessions with Annie, $81 per hour.
One-on-more-than-one sessions, start at $108 per hour. 


As it is the intention to cultivate and exemplify Sattvic lifestyle at Shakti Sharanam, PLEASE refrain from bringing any dogs, marijuana or alcohol onto the property. (Sorry, even good dogs are not permitted - no, not even in your vehicle.) References for great doggy day care can be provided. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Weekend retreats start at $300, for a minimum of 5 people. This includes 4 workshop style classes with Annie,
trip to the Ashram, a fabulous feast. Call Annie to customize a schedule for a weekend retreat. 

Weekend workshops typically include:

  • Class Friday afternoon (theory and practice, three hours)

  • Optional Friday evening Aarti service at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram

  • Class Saturday morning (theory and practice, three hours)

  • Free time Saturday afternoon (or karma yoga, a cooking class, hot springs or other exploring)

  • Mysore class Saturday late afternoon (two hours)

  • Indian feast Saturday evening prepared by Annie

  • Theory and Guided class Sunday morning  (three hours)

This schedule can be customized according to your group’s interests, practice levels, time or budget. Annie has a remarkable capacity to tailor the program for each unique group of individuals. Since the weekend is very full with yoga studies, it is highly recommended to allow an extra day or two before or after the weekend to relax and explore the other amazing things around Crestone.

Local accommodations will be arranged according to your group’s budget and size.

Retreats can be organized for any number of days, weeks, or months.

Scheduling is ongoing. Call Annie at +1 (719) 256-5668 at any time to reserve.


The following courses are offered occasionally throughout the year, as interest warrants. Since the timings are not fixed, please call Annie to initiate or attend the next specialty class! These offerings can also be included in a Custom Course or Weekend Retreat. 


Grumpy Old Men

Especially for old and/or stiff guys who think they can't do yoga.
No experience preferred. No bendy women allowed.

Wise Old Women

This is a super-gentle class for women, exploring ancient wisdom through breath and simple movement. Be prepared to open doors to joy! No experience preferred. No men allowed.

Finding Your Ground

An afternoon workshop using simple, yet practical and profound techniques to connect with the Earth and to get grounded. Based on Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom. No experience required, all are welcome. Appropriate for special conditions. 

Sattvic Cooking

Connecting the dots between Ayurvedic & Yogic principles, how they relate and how they are used in very hands on meal preparation. Followed by a fabulous feast! This is a half-day workshop - cooking to nourish the soul and calm the mind. A fabulous harvest feast.   

Hindustani Music 101

Basics of Hindustani music, harmonium and devotional chanting. Usually on a Sunday afternoon. 

One-on-one sessions with Annie, $54 per hour.
One-on-more-than-one sessions, start at $72 per hour. 

Therapy & Restorative

Focus on breath and gentle movement, to stabilize and rejuvenate. Suitable for special conditions. Usually Sunday afternoons. Cost is $27 - $54 (sliding scale).


Custom courses can be created from any of the above options! 
Contact Annie for work-study opportunities and more details. 

Finding Annie as a teacher has been a blessing. She got me to reconnect with the foundation of the practice, which helped me find a stronger, more stable and painless way. Crestone is a magical place and I really hope I can come back soon.
— SB, Mexico City, Mexico
I had no idea what a powerful experience it would be stepping into the Wednesday morning Fundamentals class at Shakti Sharanam. My previous conception about what yoga is has been blown away and replaced by a heart opening expansiveness I never dreamed possible. This yoga, in its authenticity, is life changing. How blessed we are to have Annie in our community.
— BA, Crestone, CO
Annie is the most invested and present mentor I have ever encountered, and I include in that list people from all areas of my life and career. I don’t believe that I could have begun to build such as strong foundation in my practice without her focus and guidance.
— Lisa M, Texas