Shakti Sharanam is a Sanskrit phrase which loosely translates as sanctuary for divine spiritual energy. It is the name of the new retreat center Annie Pace has created in Crestone Colorado and also refers to the union of Annie and Glenn’s music. Annie is an accomplished harmonium player and singer, and has released this new CD of devotional chanting, “Ekam,” or “One” recorded at Shakti Sharanam with drummer Glenn Bergstrom. Annie leads the chanting and plays the harmonium while Glenn plays tablas and provides the response vocals. Annie is a natural devotional kirtan walla and the two of them make music together well. 

Annie has led chanting and played the harmonium for years at the Haidakhandi Universal Ahsram in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Crestone and participates in the fire ceremonies and functioning of the Ashram. Many of her chants can be traced back to this Babaji linage which is steeped in devotion to the Divine Mother. She also studies traditional Hindustani music with her beloved teacher Smt. Tapati Sinha (Aunti-ji), who is responsible for several of the compositions on the CD. 

With over 30 years of experience, Annie is one of the most adept practitioners of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. She received her Advanced B teaching certification from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1995, a rare honor, and she continues to study extensively in India. Annie has a very clear and compassionate teaching style. All levels of practitioners benefit from her ability to distill her decades of yogic studies and experiences in ways appropriate for each individual student. Annie offers local community classes and custom retreat weekends for small groups, as well as private instruction and national/international workshops. 

Shakti Sharanam embodies both traditional yogic principles and contemporary sustainable living practices. The project is intentionally designed and constructed to host students for custom courses of study including all aspects of yogic lifestyle. In addition to traditional classes in Ashtanga Yoga, the center offers Ayurvedic cooking, Hindustani music, and therapeutic oil massage. 

Glenn has played many different styles of music through out his life. His brother likes to say he started out playing on the linoleum. Besides beating out a rhythm on the floor he has played double bass in a symphony and small jazz ensembles, viola da gamba with baroque musicians and guitar, bass and keyboards in country, rock and blues bands. But it was the experience of chanting with Allen Ginsberg in the early 70’s that ultimately led him to playing tablas in a kirtan setting. 

Annie and Glenn started playing Kirtan together in the winter of 2003/2004 in Mysore India twice a week for the local community, including many Ashtanga yoga students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. They continued to do this for four consecutive winters. Their kirtans were received so well they decided to make a CD of some of their favorite chants and bhajans so they would be available to the many participants of the kirtans.

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