One-on-one sessions with Annie, sliding scale $81-$153 per hour.
One-on-more-than-one sessions, sliding scale $108-$216 per hour. 
50% deposit is required to reserve space. 


The weekly program includes all community classes, 1 private session with Annie, ashram ceremonies, 1-2 meals, open practice time at the Shala, and random local activities. Cost is $250 and a 50% deposit is required to reserve space. 


One month program includes 4 weeks of community classes, 2 private sessions with Annie, occasional meals, ashram ceremonies, and random recreational activities. Cost is $600 and a 50% deposit is required to reserve space. 


Weekend retreats start at $300, for a minimum of 5 people. This includes 4 workshop style classes with Annie, trip to the Ashram, a fabulous feast. Call Annie to customize a schedule for a weekend retreat. 50% deposit is required to reserve space. 

Weekend workshops typically include:

  • Class Friday afternoon (theory and practice, three hours)

  • Optional Friday evening Aarti service at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram

  • Class Saturday morning (theory and practice, three hours)

  • Free time Saturday afternoon (or karma yoga, a cooking class, hot springs or other exploring)

  • Mysore class Saturday late afternoon (two hours)

  • Indian feast Saturday evening prepared by Annie

  • Theory and Guided class Sunday morning  (three hours)

This schedule can be customized according to your group’s interests, practice levels, time or budget. Annie has a remarkable capacity to tailor the program for each unique group of individuals. Since the weekend is very full with yoga studies, it is highly recommended to allow an extra day or two before or after the weekend to relax and explore the other amazing things around Crestone.

Local accommodations will be arranged according to your group’s budget and size.

Retreats can be organized for any number of days, weeks, or months.

Scheduling is ongoing. Call Annie at +1 (719) 256-5668 for reservation.