A huge thank you to everyone from around the globe who have helped establish Shakti Sharanam and make the teachings accessible. 

The Shakti Sharanam project was carefully created with the intention to exemplify yogic living and pass on the teachings in an intimate and authentic way. Annie believes it is the birth right of every human being to have access to these practices. In addition to her donation based and sliding scale offerings at the Shala, Annie also provides instruction to local and visiting school, retreat, and pilgrimage groups - often with little or no compensation. She also makes work-study opportunities available. 

In order to maintain the purity of the teachings in an uncommercialized and authentic way, Shakti Sharanam and its Advisory Council humbly asks for assistance - to subsidize tuition, complete ongoing projects, and decrease the debt incurred to create this amazing place!

To support this mission, you can:

Thank you very very much!