With over 37 years of experience, Annie is one of the most adept practitioners of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. She received her Advanced B teaching certification from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1995, a rare honor, and she continues to study extensively in India. Annie has a very clear and compassionate teaching style. All levels of practitioners benefit from her ability to distill her decades of yogic studies and experiences in ways appropriate for each individual student. Her skill in working therapeutically with students of compromised health, physicality or other adverse situations is one of her most profound gifts. Annie’s students consistently praise her clarity and compassion in teaching, as well as her ability to meet each student’s particular needs. 

Annie expresses her heartfelt gratitude to all of her teachers, in particular Guruji (the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois),  Aunti-ji (the late Smt Tapti Sinha), and Acharya (Dr KLS Jois). These human lights have exemplified unconditional love and devotion, and have generously provided clear and accessible guidance to so many.

The Journey

Annie’s yogic journey began in the late 1970’s, as the result of confusion created by reading a ‘simple’ book. This confusion morphed into curiosity and subsequently exploration of various methods of yoga, the influence of which BKS Iyengar’s teachings the most profound. Yet, there was still a craving, a sense of something more to the picture. On que, she was introduced to the Ashtanga tradition of practice by Richard Freeman. During Guruji’s first visit to Boulder in the 1980’s, it was made quite clear that she would be traveling to India to study.

“YOU! Come Mysore!” he spoke forcefully as she rose from her first pranam (nope, he didn’t even know her name yet). “When, Guruji?”, she asked meekly, not knowing what else to say (right, Annie speaking meekly...) He softened, smiled sweetly and replied, “Yoctober. You come Yoctober.” End of conversation.

This began her long term relationship with Guruji, which lasted the rest of his life, and continues with his family today. In her 27, or so, journeys to Mysore she has witnessed, consistently, the growth and sustenance of the lineage over contemporary time.

In the 1980’s Guruji taught no more than 6 students at a time in his old Shala, in Lakshmipuram. Gradually, that grew to 8, 10, and in the 1990‘s eventually to 12 students in the room, with 100 or more waiting for their spot. Later, the new Shala was built in Gokulum which accommodates approximately 100 at a time. Today, hundreds of students come to study with Saraswati and Sharath, not to mention the dozens of other smaller schools in Mysore.

Certainly, India has changed, America has changed, the students and the numbers have changed. But the essence of the practice remains. The practice remains “the practice”.

Annie considers it a blessing and and honor to have been entrusted with carrying on this lineage. It is her primary intention to do so in authenticity. Guruji intimately taught her the first four Ashtanga sequences completely and introduced her to the fifth (Advanced C Section). In 1995, he presented her with a rare “Advanced B” certification to teach.

After doing the “rock star” international teaching circuit in the 1990’s (then known as Annie Grover), she settled in Crestone, Colorado. There she established Shakti Sharanam, a small sustainable school where she welcomes students of all levels and walks of life. Annie has a gift for distilling her decades of knowledge and experience in an accessible way for all students. She offers community classes by donation, private and small group retreats, works with individuals therapeutically, and also offers courses in the public school system and to visiting retreat, school, and pilgrim groups. 

Annie's immersion in yogic sciences also expands into Ayurveda, yogic cooking, and Hindustani music. These fields of study are also available at Shakti Sharanam.

The 'Ekam' CD was recorded at Shakti Sharanam, with Annie Pace and Glenn Bergstrom, and is available for purchase and/or download.

Living in Crestone and studying with Annie for a whole month, was definitely a life-changing experience. I love the way she can transmit with example and through personal experience the real practice and what yoga really means. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to study with Annie and call her my teacher!
— CZ, Puebla, Mexico
Annie’s presence and the love that she pours into her teaching is unlike anything I have ever experienced. She cares deeply for her students and the traditions of ashtanga yoga. Through her teaching I have not only advanced my physical practice, but I have found something beautiful within myself that continues to love and strive to learn.
— EV, Colorado Springs, CO
There are so many things I love about Annie, it is hard to describe in just a few words. But one predominant trait I love about Annie is her integrity. She radiates strength and grace. And her teaching style is so accessible, yet holds the essence of the tradition. She shares the teachings beautifully, with strong integrity and respect for the lineage, and delivers it with compassion and much joy. In short, Annie lives the teachings, embodies it from gross to subtle, and is very generous with sharing her wisdom. I am forever grateful for Annie’s presence in my life!
— Hansa Devi, Ridgway, CO
The way Annie’s love and devotion flow in her every action has left me full of both inspiration and contentment, after only one weekend! I look forward to the opportunity to make the pilgrimage to Crestone!
— VH, San Fransisco, CA
The very first time I stepped into Shakti Sharanam Yoga Shala in Crestone, I felt deep in my heart that this is “IT”. I was not new to the Ashtanga Yoga method and had been practicing for some time with different teachers but my desire to find real yoga had not been satisfied. When I began to study with Annie in Crestone, I was injured, discouraged and ready to never ever do this Ashtanga thing again! That sentiment changed in a heart-beat as I joined the group in the Shala and Annie started to teach me. What followed was a very powerful transformation - physical and in my heart. Annie re-kindled the fire for yoga deep within and for the first time, I felt safe and was able to practice Ashtanga Yoga without fear or pain. Shakti Sharanam Yoga Shala is a sanctuary and Annie a true safe-keeper of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method. Her love and dedication to the lineage and her teachers is truly inspiring and as soon as you enter Shakti Sharanam, you can feel it. As student, I am eternally grateful for what Annie has taught and continues to teach me. It is an honor to be able to learn from and laugh with her.
— Barbara Glanznig, Telluride, CO