Shakti Sharanam Yoga Shala is located in the mountain community of Crestone, Colorado, a place known for its many spiritual centers as well as its stunning natural setting at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Shakti Sharanam is a Sanskrit phrase meaning 'a refuge for sacred energy'. 

The center is dedicated to upholding the purity of yogic tradition and exemplifying it as a life practice. Shakti Sharanam embodies a rare synthesis of ancient yogic principles and contemporary environmental sustainability. The project was intentionally designed from the ground up to host students for custom courses of study.

The strawbale structures are powered and heated with solar energy and the natural building materials provide a pure environment for study and practice. Shakti Sharanam has been a long-time feature of the Crestone Energy Fair home tour, as well as part of the Camino de Crestone pilgrimage tour. 

Practicing with Annie at Shakti Sharanam offers a rare opportunity to study with a senior Ashtanga teacher in an intimate setting. Crestone’s peaceful setting provides the ideal environment to deepen one’s yoga practice. Annie’s students agree that she combines the best of the East and the West in a comprehensive way. Whether you are a longtime yoga practitioner or just beginning on the path, studying at Shakti Sharanam will enrich your practice and strengthen your understanding of all aspects of yoga.

In 2005, the founder Annie Pace set the intention of the project under the name of Shakti Sharanam, purchased the land, designed and finalized the plans. In 2006, partial financing was obtained and building began. In 2007, the Shakti Sharanam Advisory Council was formed to support the Shala's mission, by promoting a broader awareness of the project and Annie's offerings. This international Council served for the following 10 years. The Shala's opening puja was performed in April of 2007 and practice began in July of 2007.